Mahiro Shukosa

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Mahiro Shukosa is the Warder of Rafela Cindal of the Blue Ajah. He is a Kandori lord.

He has graying temples, a noble nose and dark eyes like those of a leopard. Min thinks that while he is ruggedly handsome, only a woman in love would have called him beautiful. He usually wears two swords on his back.

Mahiro has visited the courts of almost every land. He travels with a small library, so obviously loves to read. He can recite poetry, play the harp and dance like a dream. He wins or loses gambling with the same easy smile and loves to work out tavern puzzles.

(Reference: Lord of Chaos, Chapter 49)


  • Min returns to The Crown of Roses and finds Mahiro working tavern puzzles. She asks him if anything has happened since she went out, and he replies that the sisters have returned from the palace looking like a storm in the mountains, likely because of Rand. When she asks him what happened, he tells her that she shouldn't stick her nose into Aes Sedai business, because she could get hurt. When she asks him for a hint, he tells her that she should expect Rand to be upset (likely, he is alluding to something the Aes Sedai have done or said to him), and that perhaps she should have someone else deliver messages to and from him. He adds that the Aes Sedai might have chosen to teach Rand a small lesson in humility (LoC, Ch. 49).
  • Before Min leaves for Cairhien with Rand, she writes a note to Mahiro, and makes a point of telling Rand that Mahiro is an old man, though she blushes while saying it (LoC, Ch. 49).


Min considers Mahiro to be a friend. He sees her as a sort of younger sister who occasionally needs someone to talk to and a little advice so that she will not break her neck while sowing wild oats. He tells her that she has pretty legs, but Min thinks to herself that he would never think of touching them and would break the neck of any man who did think of it without her permission (LoC, Ch. 49).


"Deftly slipping the intricate iron pieces back together, he placed the puzzle on a stack of those already worked and took up one from another stack as [Min] sat down across from him. 'So, cabbage,' he said with a grin, 'back with your neck unbroken, not kidnapped and not married.' One day she was going to ask him what that meant; he always said it." (Mahiro to Min; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 49)

"He hesitated another moment, then set the puzzle down. 'I will not say what is or is not, but a word in a good ear. Maybe you should expect al'Thor to be upset. Maybe you should even consider asking if someone else can deliver any messages, perhaps one of us.' He meant the Warders. 'Maybe the sisters have decided to teach al'Thor a small lesson in humility. And that, cabbage, is maybe a word more than I should have said. You will think on it?'" (Mahiro to Min; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 49)