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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Mara is a fictional, perhaps historical character and the protagonist in the tale "Mara and the Three Foolish Kings" (TEotW, Ch. 4; TDR, Ch. 31).

In the story, she steals the crowns of three kings, leaving them in the mud by a river and then goes back to Heape to tell the villagers how foolish the kings are. After that, they do not want to be ruled by a king anymore (TDR, Ch. 31).

Thom wants to perform the story several times, because it is well received (TEotW, Ch. 4; Ch. 13; TGH, Ch. 34; TDR, Ch. 31; TSR, Ch. 39).


""It was as we have said it should be," said King Madel, trying to untangle a fish from his long beard. (...) "It was as we said it would be," announced Orander. And, feet slipping in the mud, he sat down with a great splash. "It was as we said it must be," proclaimed Kadar as he searched, up to his elbows in the river, for his crown. "The woman knows not whereof she speaks. She is the fool!" Madel and Orander agreed with him loudly. And with that, Mara had had enough. "I've given them all the chances they deserve and more," she murmured to herself. Slipping Kadar's crown into her bag with the first two, she climbed back onto her cart, clucked to her mare, and drove straight back to her village. And when Mara had told them all that happened, the people of Heape would have no king at all." (Thom; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 31)