Melfane Dawlish

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Author: Toral Delvar


Melfane Dawlish is a woman from Caemlyn, Andor who becomes Elayne's midwife. She works in a shop on Candle Street in the New City, where she dispenses herbs and ointments (KoD, Ch. 15). She is stout, with a round belly and is little. When she learns of the bland food the cooks had been feeding Elayne, she ensures that she is fed a more balanced diet, forbidding only wine (KoD, Ch. 35). After Elayne is injured by Mellar she confines her to a week's bed rest (ToM, Ch. 24)

She is Essande's niece (KoD, Ch. 15) and has a son, Jaem (KoD, Ch. 35). She has a cousin, Tess (ToM, Ch. 45).


“I can tell some sickness from change in the taste, my Lady.” (Melfane on tasting Elayne's urine; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 35)

“You'd be surprised how many don't believe a babe in the womb can hear, but I see the difference in those who get read to and those who don't.” (Melfane; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 35)

"You are a woman, not a plowbeast" (To Elayne, Towers of Midnight, Chapter 24).