Member Spotlight: Kassidy Rose DaiShan

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Author: Sailea Nerid, March 2016

Kassidy Spotlight.jpg

If you have been part of TarValon.Net for a while you have met Kassidy Rose DaiShan Sedai. She is an active poster on the boards and an extremely brave person, who accepted the hard task to fill previous Mayor Zandera Sommers’ big shoes.

If you haven’t have the chance to chat with our lovely Kassidy Sedai, what you should know about her is that she is currently working as a cashier at a food store. In her own words, ‘It pays the bills and they work with my time off when I need it.’ Kassidy Sedai’s favourite holiday is St. Patrick's Day and she is engaged to her Warder, Amarande al'Kalin Gaidin.

We ask our new Mayor how she found the Wheel of Time series and TarValon.Net. She lets us know her sister-in-law, Owenaleah al'Saturni, was the one who was responsible for her discovering the series back in 2001 and after reaching the 5th book, the Internet lead her to us. Eventually TarValon.Net became a home for Kassidy Sedai and she can hardly spend a day away from us and her extended family. ‘My favourite part is seeing all the new people join even after the books are done. [And] of course meeting up with Tower people and hanging out’, Kassidy Sedai states. She does not have a certain thread she values above the others; that’s why you can meet her all around the site.

Our new Mayor occupied a lot of positions in TarValon.Net. She was a moderator, part of the Welcoming Committee, a chat operator and many more, and she enjoyed them all. We can’t help ourselves but ask her for a preview of what she has up her sleeve for our Citizens. Her response? ‘The Battle plans aren't done yet.’ Brace yourselves, Citizens!

Our conversation turns to why she chose the Green Ajah and what people who guest with it should know before stepping into their Sitting Room. ‘I chose Green because my Heart and Soul is Green,’ says Kassidy Sedai. She was one of the lucky ones who knew their home the moment she began guesting with her current Ajah. ‘I know my sisters are there for me and anyone else when we need them. I can't even imagine my home being anywhere else,’ she concludes. Her advice for Guesting Junior Members is to choose home with their hearts and ‘not by people you may know in there or even by posts count.’

We are very curious how Kassidy Sedai chose her avatar. Apparently it’s called ‘Battle’. If you really look at it, you will see a shadow on the background – a suitable challenge for a Green Aes Sedai.

We finish our talk going where everything started – the Wheel of Time. We ask our Mayor which nation would she have belonged to if she lived in the WoT universe. She surprises us by answering Malkier. ‘They were always defending their lands. They knew they had to be on their toes at all times. I would have really liked to learn more about their battles’ and so do we. Naturally we couldn’t resist but asking where would have Kassidy Sedai been during the Last Battle. She turns out to be quite a battle strategist and use Travelling to be on every battlefield.

We thank Kassidy Sedai for her answers and wish her luck with the new position and her joyful bunch of Citizens.