Member Spotlight: Toral Devlar

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Author: Erin al'Denael
7 October 2010

Who is Toral?

Way back in the annals of TarValon.Net history, Toral lurked. TV.Net was much smaller then, and everyone seemed to know everyone else, so he was leery about joining. He lurked and lurked and lurked (for around 6 months) before finally biting the bullet and joining up. Nowadays, October marked his 8 year anniversary with the Tower. In that eight years, his life has changed quite a bit. He met his wife through TV.Net, the lovely Ne'mireth Sedai. He hopped the Atlantic and married her, and they are expecting their first child. Outside of the Tower, Toral researches prostate cancer, spends time with his wife, and indulges in any number of books, movies, and music.

Director of Research

Toral is the current Director of Research. He has held other administrative positions here, among them Company Commander of DM for three years, and Assistant to the Director of Research for about a year. Being a Director has it's ups and downs; he gets to dig in, organize, and expand the library. On the other hand, it can be rough finding and retaining active staff to maintain articles and chapter summaries. Being a Director is never easy, and Toral keeps up with the best of them.


Silly, yes. But that was the point!

  • Color? Blue
  • Book? er, I don't thinks so
  • Movie? True Romance
  • Song? Probably Angels as it was our wedding song and we still dance if we hear it while out somewhere
  • Poem? Not a poetry person
  • Pet? Cat!
  • Flavor? what an odd question

Thank you very much for being the TVT's Member Spotlight! Hopefully we didn't abuse you too much. For more information on Toral Gaidin, check out his very own library page.