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Author: Aleita Taviah
Published: July 18 2021 - Tar Valon Times Blog Link

Today’s member spotlight is all about Mendo Cath, one of our Directors of Technology! Mendo is an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah and has been a member of TarValon.Net since 2013. During that time Mendo has served as Staff Member for the Department of Technology, a Chat Operator (for over six years), a moderator and previously in the same position he holds now, Director of Technology. Mendo has also received two Members’ Choice Awards and one Keeper’s Award (2015). Mendo has also served our community as a mentor and has guided five different members through to Senior Membership. Keep reading as we learn a little more about Mendo (in his own words).


Tar Valon Times (TVT): Tell us a little about yourself in real life (if comfortable sharing) – where you live, what you do, family/partner/pets/etc.? Photos you’d like to share (not necessarily of people!) Mendo: Well.. Wife/2kids/dog/2cats.

TVT: Other hobbies/interests other than WoT? Share a “fun fact” about yourself. Mendo: Lots of fantasy or sci fi books (audio/ebooks), Video games, scripting / programming (but only light hobby grade at this point in my life, didn’t go professional)

TVT: What brought you to TarValon.Net? What made you want to stay and get more involved? Mendo: Oh, I think at some point I was looking for more people, fans of the books I had found and stumbled across the site. Love of the community and wanting to see it grow and be stable. I have skills that can help so I offer to use them.

TVT: How did you decide the Blue Ajah was right for you? Any advice for people still trying to find their place? Mendo: Now this one is harder. I guested for a while and struggled to find a home pre integration. Post integration I was able to guest with Ajahs and at the time found a number of people I liked spending time with in Blue so I stuck around. Take your time. Know that the site’s Ajahs are more about the people you get to know than the flavor of the Ajahs in the books. Find what feels right. It’s not a race.

TVT: What led you to apply for Director of Technology? What are your goals for your tenure? Mendo: So this is my second time around as a DoT. I had spent time as Tech Staff and op for IRC for a while, then when position first came up I was willing to help out and I had the skills needed at the time and it was history. We were able to upgrade the forums and do lots of fun stuff in the background. Later I stepped down for a while and caught up on personal life. Lately I found my self wanting to help out more and more, and when opportunity became available I re-applied and now get to work with Deoan as Co-Directors! Goals are harder but we look at getting more updates to the site and enabling the community with technology they need to grow.

TVT: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Mendo: I am bonded to a pineapple under the light?

TVT: If we were catching up at a coffee shop, what should I order you? Mendo: Coffee I hope but tea isn’t bad either.

A big thank you to Mendo for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up for that coffee sometime soon!