Membership Spotlight: Xylina Tyloredrid

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Author: Erin al'Denael
1 February 2011

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Finding TarValon.Net

Xylina joined the site waaaaay back in the dark ages of 2001 or 2002 (she can't remember for sure) during college. However, after signing up, she sort of never posted. She doesn't even remember what her username was. But that is all irrelevant really, because she joined for "real" in Feburary of 2009.

Xylina in RL

She works full-time as a buyer at a manufacturing facility. The rest of her life is her family -- 1 husband, 2 kids, and 2 cats. She spends her free time enjoying TarValon.Net, reading, and watching movies.

TV.Net has had a rather large impact on Xylina. "Well, most of our vacations now are for Tower parties! I've met some fantastic people through the Tower as well as come into my own in a way - I'm a lot more confident now and I attribute that a lot to the journey of self-discovery I embarked upon while guesting as an Accepted. I used that time to really dig into who I am and who I want to be, and I'm happy with the results."

How to Excel at Minioning 101

Keeping the wheels and cogs of TarValon.Net running smoothly is a huge job. And it's not just the more visible Amyrlin, Keeper, and Directors doing all the work -- they have assistants, administrators, and staff working diligently to keep things in order as well. Xylina is one of the many members here who helps with the nitty gritty of keeping things smooth.

When asked, Xylina will tell you that she's Jodi and Lii's minion. She reports to Jodi as the Green Heart, and to Liiane as the OE Coordinator's Assistant. In addition to these jobs, she was Toral's minion for a while as well in the job of Tower Historian.

Real Life Events, Yay!

With this year's Anniversary Party on the horizon, I asked Xylina about her experiences at last year's party.

"Oh goodness, I was *so* terrified when I arrived there Friday morning. The only people I had met offline that were in attendance were, obviously, my husband - who wasn't going to arrive until that evening after work - and Sorcha. I attempted to ignore the butterflies and just dive in to try and help wherever I was needed. I was on the Welcome, Entertainment, and Decorating committees. Aldus and I ran a WOT Trivia Game Show (coming back this year :D ), and found a few other ways to get involved and help out. Really for me, when I'm nervous, pretending that I know what I am doing, and making myself useful, really helps break the ice. I especially was pleased to help man the registration table because it helped me match faces with names and say hi to folks. And again, by helping folks get all signed in and ready, it helped me quell my own nervousness a bit."

Leaving on Sunday night to be back at work Monday morning was the worst part of Xylina's Anni experience. Tower members are just that awesome.

Thank you for being this month's Member Spotlight, Xylina!