Mycal Crossin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Mycal Crossin is a grain merchant in So Habor, Altara. He appears to have been fat once, because his skin hangs slack now.

His merchant's guild can always be found in The Golden Barge, a prosperous-appearing inn. Perrin and his companions go there to acquire grain and other needful things, such as lamps or cooking oil, horseshoe nails, cloth and needles. At first, Master Crossin is scared to see them, possibly because he thinks that they are ghosts. When they ask him what is wrong in the city, he tries to appear as if nothing ever happened until Mistress Arnon tells him to be quiet. He wants Speral to bring some sample jars, but when there is no answer he goes to fetch them himself and shows them to his customers.

He is afraid of the dead people walking the streets of So Habor and, like every other resident, he let his fear overwhelm him and has stopped caring about the circumstances he is in. He does not wash, nor care for his clothes, cold does not bother him and the fact that his coat looks like he has been spilling food over it shows that he seems to starve himself.

(Reference: Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 26)