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Naeff is an Andoran Asha'man who is strong in air (TGS, Ch. 11). He is one of the few with Rand who is a full Ash'aman (TGS, Ch. 1). He has the lean build of a warrior, along with a strong rectangular face (TGH, Ch. 31). He had suffered from a mild form of madness in which he believed he had a talent that enabled him to see Myrddraal hiding in shadows until Healed by Nynaeve (ToM, Ch. 15).



He has bonded Nelavaire Demasiellin (TGS, Ch. 31), and the two have a cordial relationship (TGS, Ch. 31). When his madness is Healed, he immediately a seeks her out (ToM, Ch. 15).

Strengths and Abilities

  • He is strong enough to Travel (ToM, Ch. 26)
  • He is especially strong in air, something rare in a man (TGS, Ch. 11)