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Nethvin was one of the historical leaders of Far Madding. Although it is not directly stated that Nethvin was a First Counsel, several references support the assumption. There are three "Strangers' Markets" dedicated to the most revered women in the history of Far Madding, where foreigners are allowed to trade. Along with the Amhara Market (WH, Ch. 22) and the Avharin Market (WH, Ch. 32), the Nethvin Market is one of them (WH, Ch. 25). Savion Amhara, one of the three famed women, is the only one known as a First Counsel (WH, Ch. 22); Einion Avharin is only described as famous woman (WH, Ch. 23).

It can be assumed that Nethvin is only her last name and that a statue of her graces the Nethvin Market.