Norine Dovarna

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Norine Dovarna is an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah. She is big-eyed and almost as dreamy as a Brown (KoD, Ch. 24)and she does not have friends. She thinks she should have been the Keeper instead of Alviarin. (ACoS, Prologue)

Norine makes a nasty remark about Alviarin's punishment intended to be heard. (KoD, Prologue)

Norine and Miyasi guard Nagora who is maintaining Leane's shield when Egwene comes to visit her. They are arguing about matters of logic. She orders Egwene to go to bed and when she does not obey quickly enough she sends her to the Mistress of Novices. (KoD, Ch. 24)


  • Norine made as if to, then did not; big-eyed and nearly as dreamy as Danelle at times, and as friendless, she resented Alviarin; if the Keeper came from the White, in her eyes it should have been Norine Dovarna. (A Crown of Swords, Prologue)
  • "You’d grimace too, Ramesa, if you were being strapped every morning before breakfast," Norine said, much too loudly and plainly meaning for Alviarin to hear. Ramesa, a tall slender woman with silver bells sewn down the sleeves of her white-embroidered dress, looked startled at being addressed, and likely she was. Norine had few friends, perhaps none. She went on, cutting her eyes toward Alviarin to see whether she had noticed. "It is irrational to call a penance private and pretend nothing is happening when the Amyrlin Seat has imposed it. But then, her rationality has always been overrated, in my opinion."
  • "So-called sixth-order rationality has been discarded as an aberration by anyone with intellect," Norine put in, a touch sharply. "But dissimulated structures are fundamental to any possibility of understanding what is happening here in the Tower every day. Reality itself is shifting, changing day by day." (Knife of Dreams, Chapter 24)