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Somewhat delayed, especially as it has been written since early October

Anyway, one point that was raised was that people do not always know what is in the library, or how to access information about the community.

Pretty much any question someone has about the community should have the answer in the library, so we created a short guide to the content, with some of the most important or informative pages linked

We think this covers everything, but there may well be other issues not mentioned

The library contains not only detailed information on the Wheel of Time books, but also a great deal of information about both the history of TarValon.Net and the current organization. This includes not only the Membership Manual, but also information on who holds each position and who they report to.

The Membership Manual contains the information about TarValon.Net that all members should know. It is currently hosted in the library. As the library has many pages, often including pages that cover much of the same material as pages on the Membership Manual, the membership manual pages all have a specific format:

  1. All start with MM:
  1. All have the Membership Manual Navigation along the bottom
  1. All are in the category Membership Manual. No other pages are in this category.

The Membership manual can be found at

Within the membership manual, are several pages of that may be particularly useful:

Contains the current code of conduct by which all members are expected to abide

The chain of command for members for dealing with personal issues. Complaints about a person's performance in an official role should be addressed to the next person in the chain of command in that department. The holders of each position is not information that is contained within the membership manual, but is part of the library

Specific information about the departments can be found at,_Inc.

It should be noted that several of the organizational charts are outdated, and they do not show who the current holder of any position is. That information however, is available in the main body of the library.

The organization of TarValon.Net into the departments is also covered in the library at

From here, more information on each of the departments is easily accessible.

Some information of specific interest is the list of all official positions and who they report to. Any member who has an issue with the job performance of another member would be able to see who is next in their chain of command so would know who to address their complaints to

Each of these also links directly to the page for that role, that gives an indication of the duties and responsibilities of the role and the position it reports to.

We also have information on who holds every position, so that it is easy to find whoever is next in the chain of command

Other information includes a list of all current Admin positions

and all current staff positions

In addition to information on current staff and structure, we have been through the old boards where available to identify all previous positions and holders of those positions, as well as previous online events and themes where known.

An overview of these can be seen at:

but there is a page for each year For example, summarises everything in 2012 and links to further information for many pages, such as

For each of these, they also link to the previous and next year, where applicable