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This was a Staff position in the Department of Philantropy. It was created after the Philanthropy team began shaping the work some members already put in, into actual official positions.

The email associated with this position was It is currently not in use.

Chain of Command

Duties and Responsibilities

  • This staff position is responsible for the Department of Philanthropy's presence in the news. This person will write articles and announcements pertaining to Philanthropy programs that get published in the Tar Valon Times and/or the main site news.
  • This person is also responsible for ensuring the Department of Philanthropy maintains an active monthly presence in the Tar Valon Times through member spotlights, charity spotlights, and other appropriate articles.



This position was created shortly after the formation of the Department of Philanthropy and was transferred when the Department of Community Outreach was created.

Philanthropy News Correspondents