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This TarValon.Net page is no longer being actively updated.


This position was an Admin level position within the Department of Community Development and was answerable to the General Services Manager and the Director of Community Development. Primary responsibilities of this position were the development, coordination and execution of programs designed to recognize, honor, and show appreciation of members, staff, and administrators of TarValon.Net for achievements and contributions to the community, participation in activities and events, and services rendered for the administration. This position cooperated with staff and administrators from all Departments within the administration, as well as with the Keeper of the Chronicles and the Amyrlin Seat on a regular basis.

Chain of Command

The Recognitions Coordinator reported to the General Services Manager and the Director of Community Development.


Any member of any rank and time spent at the site may apply. The member should be sociable and excited to work with members and administrators, and amenable to handling suggestions and complaints. This position is within the Department of Community Development and is therefore primarily designed to build and foster a sense of togetherness and involvement for all members as best it can and any candidate for this position should reflect that ideology.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and coordinate programs for the recognition of members in cooperation with various administrators
  • Keep transparent records and logs in a variety of methods, including spreadsheets
  • Work with the Communications Department to develop meaningful ways to recognize members within the Tar Valon Times
  • Submit monthly reports to the General Services Manager, Director of Community Development, and the Keeper of the Chronicles on various matters including problems, progress, and future goals

There is also reason to believe the Recognitions Coordinator was in charge of putting together the annual members choice awards.


The Recognitions Coordinator was created in 2008 as a long time coming project of the Department of Community Development. It started off as a staff position, but due to increased responsibilities, it got switched to an Admin level position, possibly after the 2008 Administrative meeting. Kytheria al'Shea is the only person who served in this position.

This position was retired in October 2010 after the implementation of the Merit Badge system.

Recognitions Coordinators