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Description by Iesha Aes Sedai, Former Head of the Red Ajah

The Red Ajah at TarValon.Net holds true to the book counterparts by not bonding Warders. That does not make us a weak Ajah, though. We are a close, cohesive group of strong Aes Sedai. The Red Ajah depicted in the books is clear in its goal: to prevent another Breaking. Similarly, we Reds work to prevent a proverbial Breaking within the Tower. We protect the well being of Tar Valon and its members. Among those duties is the responsibility to maintain the links throughout the Tower. Succinctly, we are the people that work behind the scenes. While we may not necessarily be the most active of the Ajahs, we are indeed around and getting our jobs done. And while we're still small, we are a strong and proud Ajah.

For further information on the Red Ajah at TarValon.Net, it's members, traditions and history, see the Red Ajah Headquarters