Reiki and the Power

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Author: Inanna Landred

Submitted for raising to Aes Sedai


Much like the three stages an aspiring Aes Sedai goes through, so must the Reiki student go through the three different cycles of Reiki. At first she is made aware of the universal energy of Reiki. She is educated in its background, when it was first applied and the techniques that can help to be more open to it. Like the novice learns to open herself up to saidar, so does the Reiki master teach us how to open ourselves to let the universal energy that is Reiki through.

After the first initiation (Reiki I), the Accepted is send out into the world to practice her "weaves" so she may be prepared for mastering the second level, Reiki II. When the Accepted feels she is ready, she will approach her Reiki master and begin her initiaton into the second level. She has now learned to use the energy on herself and others and her body is becoming more and more attuned to the different vibrations of Reiki and how it effects those around her.

Where the first initiation is mosty a physical one, to "open the channels", Reiki II can be a very emotional affair. Old hurts can suddenly surface and a lot of people find themselves very unbalanced for a couple of weeks, only to surface from it much stronger. With Reiki II come the symbols of Power that help us to turn the power output up a notch or two. Every Reiki II initiate will now be able to perform "distance Healings" where t is no longer neccesary for the subject to occupy the same physical space. She can do this by applying the various symbols that have been committed to memory and can be called upon at will. Very much like an Accepted, her weaves now come with ease and she no longer has to concentrate on the different hand positions that are adopted when treating someone.

Finally, when both student and Master think she is ready, the Reiki II Accepted will become a Master herself. The final initiation is one of the spirit. The final Power symbols are embedded in the new Master's Aura and drawn on her hands. The student has become the Master and can now in turn give Reiki I and II initialisations herself.