Saml al'Seen

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Saml al'Seen is an Asha'man Soldier from the Two Rivers. He is little more than a boy and has dark hair.

He learns quickly and often has no need of being shown the same thing twice before he knows how it was done.

When Pevara and the delegation of Red sisters ask to speak with Taim, he stands guard until they are granted an audience. The Aes Sedai are shocked to see a boy at his age among the Asha'man and think he should not be allowed to wear a sword.

(Reference: Knife of Dreams, Epilogue)


"You there, boy", Desala said in a voice like chimes. Chimes tinged with anger. The surest way to set off her temper was to harm a child. "You should be at home with your mother studying your letters. What are you doing here?" The boy flushed bright red and raked hair from his face again." (Desala Nevanche to Saml; Knife of Dreams, Epilogue)