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Author: Ilverin Matriam
Published: November 9 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog Link

San d'ma Shadar Company
Highlight of November 2019

San d'ma Shadar or SDS for short is one of four TarValon.Net Companies (Companies created and existing only at TarValon.Net) and was featured on our social media in November of 2019.

This is how their current Company Commander (the equivalent of Head of Ajah) described the Company.

Recap SDS about.PNG

And this quote from one of their Gaidin shows you the group’s character and what has brought them together.


However, if you know anything about our Tower bears, it is that they really enjoy and appreciate their rest. This is why we decided to share this great quote from one of their own:


Another great quote that we just couldn’t hold off sharing is :


Many Aes Sedai can agree to that!

The trivia that month had some pretty interesting questions regarding the SDS Company. Do you know which is the official SDS drink?


It is actually Don Julio 1942 tequila! Related to this, we also asked you if you knew:


Invited guests at TarValon.Net are usually Senior members not connected to the Ajah or Company by a bond, but by invitation from that group. SDS have decided to call their Invited guests – Drinking buddies!

There was recently a class on SDS in our Classroom forum, you can check it out here: SDS Class.

And a fun fact that maybe some of you had missed!


Looks like someone had noticed!

Some Wheel of Time characters that the SDS Gaidin think will fit in with the Company are:

And check our the Library resources we have on SDS if you are interested here.

It is mentioned in the above article, but the San d’ma Shadar company have their own Headquarters in our Library, where you can check more information on them if you wish: SDS Headquarters.