TVTT Yellow Ajah Edition - Show Us Your Shawls

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Oct2021 yellowtakeover.png

Author: Idine Espanyas

Published: October 1 2021 - Tar Valon Times Blog Link

We all know a TVT Takeover is never complete without shawl pictures… So without further ado, here are some photos of the Yellow shawls! While Yellow does not have a unity shawl tradition as some other Ajahs do, the crafty ones among us have made shawls for ourselves and our siblings. Enjoy!

Elania al’Manir:

I made four of these, one for each Yellow attending Anni 2018. I was Head of the Yellow Ajah at that point and was raising two people live. I figured if I was already making two, and I wanted one for myself, I might as well make one for the fourth person as well! Owners: Elania, Autumn, Fern, Nebka.


I’ve always loved pashminas. I wanted something light and airy, so I bought one and did super simple embroidery in the outline of a flame. In hindsight, it’s not the best material to stitch as it’s so loose, but it more or less worked out.


The last photo is Elania’s first shawl, which she received as a gift upon her Raising in 2017.


Idine Espanyas:

Idine is very proud of her gorgeous shawl, made by Tar Valon’s very own Roheryn Sedai.


Branwyn al’Leara:

A lovely photo of Branwyn in her shawl, which she made herself. The photo was taken at the 10th Anni Party in Charleston, SC.


Luna Morn:

Luna picked out the materials for this gorgeous shawl and had it made by a local tailor. Looking good, Luna!


Slàine al’Eir:

Slàine was gifted this beautiful shawl at the 2009 Anni Party in Washington State.


Sa’areah Britthorn:

Sa’ (right) and Arien (left) show off their pretty shawls.


Check out Sa’s awesome Yellow Ajah tattoo! Next project: design a Yellow Ajah tattoo…


Winterdawn Lightheart:

Here is a photo of Winter at her live raising ceremony at the 11th Anni Party in Estes Park, CO. She’s also wearing the famous Traveling Accepted Dress. Below, another photo of Winter proudly wearing her new Yellow shawl.


Naedys Channirra:

Here is Naedys Sedai in a cozy Yellow shawl of her own, perfect for cool Fall weather.


Eliza al’Shaw:

We’ll finish with Eliza Sedai, wearing her beautiful new shawl after being Raised live at Euro Party 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia.


Thanks for sharing your shawl photos with us!