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Author: Ilverin Matriam
Published: June 17 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog Link

TarValon.Net Wheel of Time Re-read continues with Book 2 – The Great Hunt!

“And it shall come to pass…”

… that the fans of the [[The Wheel of Time (Series)}Wheel of Time]] would have finished reading “The Eye of the World”, and then shall continue on to reading “The Great Hunt”!

With the Wheel of Time TV show coming really soon, it is now the perfect time to brush up on our Wheel of Time knowledge, to turn the Wheel and do yet another re-read of the books!

TarValon.Net is hosting a Wheel of Time re-read. The re-read of The Eye of the World is at the finishing line (planned to end on Friday June 25th, 2021). The thread where we have discussed points about characters, plots and foreshadowing, can be found on the forums.

Each month we are also posting a summary of the discussion and the re-read on our blog. You can check out the summary after the month of May in the blog post here.

Beware that both blog post and forum thread discussions CONTAIN SPOILERS for the entire series!

With The Eye of the World (almost) done, we are ready to start on book 2! The start date for reading “The Great Hunt” is June 28th, 2021 (Monday). The re-read of the second book is planned to last for a total of 8 weeks and we will be happy to have you come on the forums and discuss your views and whatever else you wish with us!