Tea With the Red Ajah

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Author: Sailea Nerid


The scared little Accepted paused before the massive doors, and once again discussed with herself if she should knock or just leave and run as far as possible and as soon as possible. All of a sudden a strong gust of wind swung the door open and pushed the little Accepted into the Red Ajah's Sitting Room.

"Excuse me, I am here for an interview," the little Accepted announced. "Shush, dear, it’s tea time," the Highest said. "Either come here and help servie or go to the wall and wait patiently." The little Accepted considered her choices for a few seconds then approached cautiously, taking note of everything she saw in order to describe Red Aes Sedai in their natural habitat later on.

She immediately noticed that the so called Tea Time didn’t necessary involve tea. Some ladies were drinking wine and some didn’t drink tea at all. But still the aroma hinted that the Red Ajah preferred black tea in different variations although some of the Aes Sedai had fruit tea. Milk and cream were a must, and terrified Accepted and Aspirants were carrying plates with shortbread cookies, tea ring cookies, sandwiches, scones, Danish butter cookies dipped in chocolate and CAKE. The little Accepted came closer to a group of Sisters, walking carefully in order to avoid the cats sleeping everywhere around the Sitting room. It was noticeable that within the walls of their private rooms the Red Aes Sedai got rid of their dresses and wore more comfortable clothes, sometimes paired with leather boots of course. The chairs spread around the room were soft and comfy and had a number of red cushions so the Sisters could find the perfect position for their plotting during tea time. The little Accepted managed to hear enough in order to conclude that the favorite topics of conversation were food and cats, oh and how to show their love to every novice/accepted in the Tower. It was also clear from the books spread everywhere that the Red Ajah enjoyed all kinds of fantasy and smut.

The little Accepted cleared her throat, "I brought wine and chocolate as a gift." "‘Good, pass them to the other victims Accepted on the wall, they know their place unlike you,"’ was the answer. "Amm, but I have a special task set by the Librarians to interview the Red Aes Sedai and write a report on their common features," the little Accepted mumbled. "Fine," said the Highest. "You may ask us one question and one question only." The little Accepted was trying pretty hard to come up with the perfect question, ignoring the Sisters surrounding her. She opened her mouth and sighed. "What do…. Ouch, why did you bite me?" "Because you looked tasty and you didn’t bring cake," the Aes Sedai answered all together. Next thing she knew, the little Accepted felt the doors of the Red Ajah Sitting room closing behind her back.

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