The Most Important Question Ever Asked - June 2018

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Author: Kyla Sterling, June 2018

2017-12 TVT Banner 15.png

In mid-May, the internet was taken by storm by a new debate. Sides were taken. Names were called. People got invested, and experts weighed in. The "Yanny or Laurel" saga helped scientists understand more about the way human hearing works, and I just ended up pleased with myself that I could eventually hear both. (Thanks to the New York Times!)

The astute internet-user will remember a very similar debate from a kinder, gentler time. In the early months of 2015, "The Dress" was a viral sensation, and the world argued over its coloring. (The designers eventually stepped in to verify that it is, in fact, black and blue - but even after more than three years, it still looks white and gold to me!) This debate *also* led to a new understanding of how people process visual information...

But I don't care about that. :p I just want to know -

What color is THE DRESS?

2018-06 Question.png - original photo by Cecilia Bleasdale

Options Votes Percentage of votes
Black and Blue 2 50.0%
White and Gold 2 50.0%
I can se both 0 0.0%
Something else... 0 0.0%