The Most Important Question Ever Asked - March 2018

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Author: Kyla Sterling, March 2018

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Delicious concoctions of protein, carbohydrates, and fat – often with enticing additions of vitamins C, G, and S. (Cholesterol, grease, and salt!) And, sometimes, an incompetent cook.


Also things which people take VERY. SERIOUSLY. What makes a sandwich a sandwich? Must there be two pieces of bread, for example? says yes –


[sand-wich] noun 1. two or more slices of bread or the like with a layer of meat, fish, cheese, etc., between each pair.

2. open sandwich.

3.something resembling or suggesting a sandwich, as something in horizontal layers:

a plywood sandwich.

But wait….what’s that link for #2?

noun 1. a sandwich served on only one slice of bread,without a covering slice.

Welp. There goes that idea…. Except that an “open sandwich,” is – literally by definition – a “sandwich” missing one of the obligatory slices….right? Right?

All this leads me to this month’s Question:

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

The United States Department of Agriculture and the National Hot Dog Council say no.

The states of New York and California say yes.

So the decision must fall to us, denizens of Tar Valon -

IS a hot dog a sandwich?

Options Votes Percentage of votes
Duh, of course! 4 13.8%
No, absolutely not! 12 41.4%
I just want to see the world burn 13 44.8%