The Most Important Question Ever Asked - May 2016

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Author: Kyla Sterling

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This month, the Most Important Question attached itself firmly to the Department of Technology and their April Fool's Day prank. You see, apparently our esteemed Amyrlin had requested a "Pug" theme. The Tech Department, being a bunch well, they misunderstood Mother's request and we got a "PUG" theme. As in, "pick up group," a term used in Massive Multiplayer games to denote a questing group made up of people you don't know, who just happen to be online at the same time and need to do sort of the same thing.

So why not ask the age-old, Most Important Question of World of Warcraft? Alliance or Horde?


Surprisingly, this was our most-voted-on poll to date. Why surprisingly? Because the *clear* winner of the poll was that the voter didn't play World of Warcraft. This in itself isn't surprising, as the game is less popular now than it used to be, and it was always a small segment of Tower membership that played anyway. But this reporter still worries that so many first-time voters felt alienated by the question and won't play with us in the future. Fear not, readers! Our regularly scheduled "flamebait" poll will return!

Of those respondents who *do* play WoW, the Horde was the definitive victor (as is right and proper). The Horde players had a brief discussion of Thrall (aka "Green Jesus") being the cooler leader, as well as the benefits of "For the Horde" as a battle cry. Which then led to a webcomic suggesting "For PONY" as the ultimate battle cry, which is valid.

The Alliance players seemed to make their choice based on their favorite character race to play (Dwarf, Dranei, etc.), but their reasoning was definitely understood by those on the other side. There was, alas, still no real argument in the thread. (Silly Membership Manual and its silly rules about civil discussion....)

The real discussion started on the second page, when several members began sharing stories of their favorite characters, memories of the game, and generally reminiscing about gameplay. It ended when Azeroth *nearly* gained a new player, but was foiled by the motion of the camera. So close, WoW. So close.

Join us next month as we ask a *new* Most Important Question, and - as always - if you have an idea for a Question, please don't hesitate to send Kyla Sedai a PM!

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