The Shadow Rising: Chapter 35

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Sharp Lessons

Chapter Icon: Spear and Shield

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: Tel'aran'rhiod and Rhuidean, the Aiel Waste

Characters: Egwene, Elayne, Amys, Bair, Melaine, Seana, Aviendha, Moiraine


Egwene receives punishment from Amys for entering Tel'arhan'rhiod without her. Later the Wise Ones make Aviendha promiss to stay close to Rand and watch him.


Egwene finds Elayne at the agreed upon location in Tel'aran'rhiod, the Stone of Tear. Elayne is dressed like a Sea Folk woman at sea meaning wide brocaded trousers and no top. Egwene is somewhat shocked to find her like that. Elayne explains that the Sea Folk women wear that at sea and that she wanted to try it. She couldn't do it aboard the ship of course. Not with Thom and Juilin around. Egwene didn't know those two were with Elayne and Nynaeve and Elayne explains they were sent by Lan and Rand to help them. Egwene gives a full report of the Portal Stones, Rhuidean and Rand's true parents. She is worried about Rand. He is as hard as Lan and Rhuarc in some ways and definitely planning something he doesn't want people to know yet.

She also tells Elayne Aviendha can channel and that she will be very strong one day. Elayne reveals that some of the Windfinders can channel as well. She has been learning from them and the ship is going fast indeed. They will be in Tanchico in two or three days. She also tells Egwene the Sea Folk think Rand is their Coramoor. They will serve him. Egwene says she wishes the Aiel were as easily convinced. She tells Egwene some of the Aiel may try to kill Rand. Elayne demands she makes sure that doesn't happen.

Egwene warns Elayne she may not be able to be on time for their next meeting. If that happens she and Nynaeve will have to check the following nights. She will come as soon as there is an opportunity. The conversation turns to Rand again and while Elayne is still in the middle of explaining her doubts and feelings to Egwene, she is dragged off by Amys.

Amys is very upset with Egwene for lying to her about not going to the World of Dreams unsupervised. She didn't think Aes Sedai could lie. She drags Egwene through a frightening experience in the world of dreams, shielding her from the One Power so Egwene is defenceless. When a frightened and angry Egwene wakes up she finds Amys next to her bed still shielding her. Amys demands that she will not go to Tel'aran'rhiod again alone. Egwene protests and says Amys had no right to drag her out of the World of Dreams. Amys tells her she will refuse to teach her any more if Egwene doesn't agree. She also demands that Egwene braids her hair like an Aiel girl until she proves she can behave like a woman. Egwene sees no other option than to agree and swallow her pride. Only then Amys agrees to accompany her to her next meeting.

Amys now tells her why she came to get Egwene. The Wise Ones and Moiraine are having a meeting about what to do about Rand. She is taken to a sweat tent where Bair, Melaine, Seana and Moiraine are waiting. Aviendha is there as well tending to the hot stones and steam. Egwene wonders what needs to be done about him. He did fine without guiding so far. This is a clear stab at Moiraine but the Aes Sedai doesn't respond. The Wise Ones say that he doesn't know the Aiel ways and that he must not be seen as an outsider or he may not be accepted. They want to know if he will confide in Egwene. She doubts that. The Wise Ones decide Aviendha will accompany him from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep. Her training will have to be rearranged to so she can do this. Aviendha bluntly refuses but the Wise Ones will not have no for an answer. They want to know if there is a reason why she should not. All Aviendha wants to say is that she hates Rand. Egwene manages to convince her to see it as looking after Rand for Elayne.

With that taken care of the women relax for a moment. Egwene asks Moiraine if Rhuidean was bad. She says the memories are fading but that she will do what needs to be done to make the Dragon Reborn succeed.


Character Development

  • Egwene is pretty childish in her interactions with Amys
  • She says she hates Rand


  • Bair says that the Aiel failed the Aes Sedai and that maybe they are meant to do so again

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