The Shadow Rising: Chapter 42

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Author: Val a'Shain

Wolf Chapter Icon.png

A Missing Leaf

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The Two Rivers, wolf dream

Characters: Perrin, Slayer, Faile, Raen, Ila, Aram, Ihvon, Verin, Gaul, Chiad, Bain


Perrin returns to Emond's Field to find that they are ready to defend the village and that they have created a flag for "Perrin Goldeneyes".


Perrin finds himself in an empty Tinker camp. He knows it for a wolf dream and knowing he won't wake up soon he decides to make the best of it. He scouts the land towards Deven Ride and sees mainly abandoned farms. Some still show signs of habitation and a few others have been burnt. Then Perrin spots a group of ravens near the Mountains of Mist. The ground eating strides he can take in the wolf dream take him there quickly. He finds himself at the site of the Manetheren Waygate. It appears to be open again. Trollocs are still pouring into the Two Rivers.

He gets the feeling he is being watched and jumps out of the way just in time to avoid the arrow Slayer shot at him. Perrin pursues him and finally gets a clear shot. He waits too long to take it and Slayer leaps off again. Perrin follows him again and finds himself in the forest. Slayer talks to him but Perrin can't find him. Slayer says that Perrin's tricks killed many of the Shadowwrought but that the gate is open again. Perrin's presence in the Two Rivers is an unexpected bonus for Slayer. One that has made him decide to bring many more Trollocs. Perrin senses the danger he is in and he decides to step out of the wolf dream. He is still drugged so he has to step into another dream. One featuring Faile this time.

When Perrin wakes up he wants to go to the Waygate to close it permanently this time. With that arrow still in him Faile will have nothing of it of course. When Perrin gets outside and talks to Ihvon; the Warder doesn't seem worried about the new threat. The mood in the camp is decidedly better than it was last night. The Two Rivers men tell Perrin he missed something. The Tinker women danced for them. Perrin says he's seen that dance before. Faile mutters that if he thought that interesting she will, if he is good, dance the sa'sara for him sometime.

When they get ready to leave Perrin tries to convince Raen to move his people to Emond's Field again but the Tinker refuses. After the long goodbye ritual the Tinkers prefer Perrin and his band head for Emond's Field. The Aiel join them again and Gaul is upset to find out Perrin overheard the two women suggesting they play Maiden's kiss with Gaul. Perrin doesn't understand any of it and Gaul doesn't want to explain. Perrin teases Faile a little with her offer to dance the sa'sara although he still has no idea what that dance is. Must be something to top the Tinker's tiganza though.

When the band gets to Emond's Field he is amazed at the changes in the town. The forest is pushed back a long bowshot to make it easier to defend the town. A row of stakes has been planted all around the village and there are sentries everywhere. The Warders Tomas and Ihvon have also shown them how to build catapults. Perrin hears people whisper his new name Perrin Goldeneyes everywhere and to top it off there is a new banner rippling on a pole in the middle of the Green. A red wolf's head.

Verin joins the group and explains they needed a symbol. The Aes Sedai no longer keep their identity secret. Faile notes this new banner could lead to trouble with Andor. The Two Rivers is still a part of that nation as far as the Queen is concerned. Verin looks at Perrin's wound and says it is beyond her Talent for Healing. She sends for Alanna and Daise Congar immediately to take care of the wounded.



First Appearance

Neysa Ayellin, Cilia Cole, Pel Aydaer

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