The Wind's Favor

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Author: Kerna Shedrian


The Wind's Favor is an inn in Bandar Eban near the city's docks. The common room looks more like a king's dining hall than a tavern, with varnished, shining wooden floors, white tablecloths on the tables and tastleful paintings decorating the walls. It is a intimidatingly clean establishment. The innkeeper is a man named Quillin Tasil and there is no other staff. Quillin never hires gleemen or musicians as he claims they spoil the atmosphere.

Cadsuane goes to the inn to get information from Quillin, who has associates that keep him informed on the gossip and news of the city.

(Reference: The Gathering Storm, Chapter 31)


"You there," Quillin called to the man. "Scrape your shoes before coming in, if you please." (Quillin to a patron; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 31)