Tod al'Caar

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Tod al'Caar is a young man from the Two Rivers, most likely a farmer or a shepherd. He is a year younger than Perrin, lanky and lantern-jawed.

For him, it is odd to think of Rand as the Dragon Reborn. His ability to channel makes Tod a little uneasy, because of the tales his mother presumably told him about men who can channel. Still, he thinks that neither the ability to channel nor the Asha'man are bad and he has thought about what it would be like to be one himself.

(Reference: A Crown of Swords, Chapter 1)


  • Although not directly mentioned by name at the time, he follows Perrin from the Two Rivers (LoC, Ch. 45) everywhere until finally to Dumai's Wells, where we hear of him for the first time. His mother only let him go because it is an honor to follow Perrin (ACoS, Ch. 1).
  • The day after the battle at Dumai's Wells, he talks with Jondyn about the battle, Asha'man and the Aes Sedai captives (ACoS, Ch. 1).
  • When Perrin's party rides to So Habor, Tod carries the Wolf-head banner, which he is not really happy about (CoT, Ch. 25).
  • In So Habor, Tod has to hold Perrin's horse because no grooms are available. He pays more attention to the dirty people around him so that Stayer nearly bites off the young man's fingers when he takes the stallion's reins (CoT, Ch. 25).
  • He accompanies Perrin and his party to the meeting with the Seanchan, carrying the Red Eagle banner of Manetheren. He is very excited and beaming over being allowed to carry the banner. He nearly came to blows with Leof Torfinn over who is to carry which. However, when Perrin gives up his supposed claim of reviving Manetheren, Tod is more than reluctant to hand away the banner (KoD, Ch. 4).
  • He accompanies the other Two Rivers men through the aqueduct near Malden to wait for Faile in the fortress during the actual attack on the Shaido (KoD, Ch. 26).
  • He salutes Perrin, even though he still accepts the rumours of Perrin and Berelain (TGS, Ch. 17).


"'I wouldn’t mind being one myself.' That sounded more boast and bluff than truth. Smelled it, too; without looking, Perrin was sure he was licking his lips. Likely Tod’s mother had used tales of men who could channel to frighten him not so many years ago. 'I mean to say, Rand -- that is, the Lord Dragon -- it still sounds odd, doesn’t it, Rand al’Thor being the Dragon Reborn and all?' Tod laughed, a short, uneasy sound. 'Well, he can channel, and it doesn’t seem so --'" (Tod to Jondyn in Perrin's hearing; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 1)