Tower Party Australia - 2004

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By: Mhór Rioghain Blathnaid in the Tower Parties Forum on the Old Boards

Morgaine Mhor and Mellyn.png

The Party was great, ended up being an unofficial Blue Ajah Party, what with all the attendee's being members of the Blue Ajah. Unfortunately quite a few people were unable to make it to the party. Their apologies are still in the mail ;)

Morgaine, Mellyn and myself decided on a new name for us. The Blozzies (it mean Blue Aussies). I thought it was quite clever myself.

Morgz and I spent just over a week in Perth visiting Melly and exploring the area. It is a beautiful place with the most wonderful beaches (watch out for the Jelly Fish - Stingers they bloody well hurt).

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience and I can't wait till the next one!

Mhór Sedai