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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Turan was a Lieutenant-General of the Seanchan forces in Tarabon (KoD, Prologue). He sends reports to Captain-General Lunal Galgan about Rodel Ituralde's attacks on the camps and the sentries. When Galgan tells Suroth of this, she wants Turan's head if he fails to kill Ituralde (KoD, Prologue). Efraim Yamada reports to Galgan that Turan is outnumbered against two armies allied with Ituralde. (KoD, Epilogue). He chases after the one ahead of him and his army is broken against the walls of Darulna, where he is killed (TGS, Ch. 6). He was a blademaster (TGS, Ch. 6).


He was stout and far from tall, with a peaked nose and hair shaved two finger widths up each side of his head (TGS, Ch. 6).


"You don't understand the numbers we have. What you destroyed today is but a breeze compared to the storm you've raised. Enough of my people escaped today to tell of your tricks. They will not work again" (To Rodel, The Gathering Storm, Chapter 6).

"Will you do it?" (Asking Rodel to kill him, The Gathering Storm, Chapter 6).