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Unfinished Plot Threads At the end of the Gathering Storm, many plot threads are still current, most of which must be resolved in some form before the end of the series. Below is a brief summary on their current state

The Forsaken

Introduced: The Eye of the World

Several are still alive and others have been resurrected. Mesaana wields influence within the White Tower, though she must be careful about using the Power.

Mat saving the World

Introduced: (possibly) The Eye of the World

Many prophecies have suggested Mat will have to save the world and also that this will be at great cost to himself, probably involves Aes Sedai on a balance scale

Perrin and the Broken Crown

Introduced: The Eye of the World

The Broken Crown is something of importance to Saldaea. Bashere assumed Faile would have told Perrin about it. Perrin considered it a secret Faile had kept from him when he learned the details from Elyas. It is unlikely that this could refer just to Faile


Introduced: The Eye of The World

Padan Fain and Mordeth have been amalgamated into a single powerful enemy. He hates Rand and will not stop until one of them is dead. His role is still unclear

The Whitecloaks

Introduced: The Eye of the World

Several of the whitecloaks are convinced Perrin is a Darkfriend. They have been forced from their home but should still constitute a significant force. Galad is one of them now as Lord Captain Commander has made them realize they need to ally with Asha’man or Aes Sedai to fight the Shadow or the Seanchan.

Rand's Apparent Death

Introduced: the Eye of the World

Various prophecies have suggested that Rand will die when he confronts the Dark One, but others suggest this death may not be real or permanent. This is possibly linked with visions of him as a beggar.

The Seanchan

Introduced: The Great Hunt

Mat is married to the Empress. Prophecy states that they will bend to Rand. They have attacked the White Tower and captured at least one Aes Sedai who knows Traveling

Logain's Glory

Introduced: The Shadow Rising

Logain is destined for glory such as few men will ever know. He is the first person to be healed after being cut off from the Source and is now one of the Asha'man. He is linked to Rand's apparent death and has bonded two Aes Sedai as warders, which may link him to Callandor. May also be linked with the Taim issue and visions involving him after Rand's apparent death

Destruction of the Aiel

Introduced: The Shadow Rising

Rand is due to destroy the Aiel, and also to save them - a remnant of a remnant. Other prophecies state that he will destroy his people with the leaf and that he will take them back to what was theirs, indicating that the knowledge that they once followed the way of the leaf will continue to cause difficulties. The possibility that many will be killed in battle, remains large

Alanna and Rand

Introduced: the Fires of Heaven

Alanna has bonded Rand. If she dies this will probably kill him. Elayne has also bonded Rand.


Introduced: The Fires of Heaven

Moiraine disappeared with Lanfear through a Ter'angreal. A vision of Min's may be interpreted as suggesting she is needed if Rand is to win the last battle and Min has had a vision of Moiraine that she believes to be the only one of hers that failed. Lanfear was possibly killed and resurrected, as Cyndane, with reduced strength. Thom, Mat and Noal are going to rescue her


Introduced: Lord of Chaos

There is evidence that he may play the same role as Demandred, to go over to the Dark One because of jealousy at the honours the Dragon receives. some of the Asha'man may be loyal to him above Rand. He is spreading lies about men loyal to Rand and has sent Ash'aman to kill him. This may be linked with the role Logain plays, Logain has certailny realised Taim is a traitor and informed Rand

Cadsuane's role

Introduced: A Crown of Swords

Cadsuane has something that she must teach Rand and the Asha'man. She may also know something about the seals, and has her own plans for Rand. It may be simply to teach him to laugh and cry, but we have see nothing to suggest the other Asha'man are as obsessed with being hard as Rand is.

Borderland Army

Introduced: Path of Daggers.

The great army gathered by the Borderlanders has left the countries susceptible to attack by the Seanchan. They are bound in some unknown purpose, though it seems they are set against Rand, or perhaps just miffed that he didn't come to see them earlier. The Aiel armies should be enough to defeat them, but the number still in Illian might be to great.

The Kin

Introduced: A Crown of Swords

After two thousand years, they have come into the open and hundreds of them have gathered in Caemlyn. They have been connected with the oath rod resolution.


Mostly Resolved

The Tower Split

Introduced: The Shadow Rising

The Tower has been re-uinited, but the repurcussions are not complete, those outside the tower have not re-joined and the two Halls still need to reform into one

The Oath Rod /Agelessness

Introduced: The Great Hunt

The only female channelers who show the Ageless look are those who have sworn on the Oath Rod. Total amount channeled or frequency of channeling have no effect. This look is caused by the oath Rod, which also shortens lives. The Oath Rod, however is most likely needed to find the Black Ajah. This has been brought up by Egwene in Salidar and a proposal that Aes Sedai be released from the oaths when they retire made.

The Black Ajah

Introduced: The Great Hunt

The Black Ajah has been dispersed. However, around one hundred and fifty of them are at large


Introduced: The Shadow Rising

Slayer is some sort of amalgamation of Luc and Isam. He serves as an assassin for the Shadow.