White Tower (TV Series)

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Book TV show

Author: Ilverin Matriam


The White Tower is the seat of the Aes Sedai's power. It houses all current Sisters and all of the Novices and Accepted who aspire to become Aes Sedai one day.

The White Tower was formed after the Breaking by surviving Aes Sedai who wished to prevent another destruction. The actual tower was build by Ogier stone masons, who had perfected the craft of creating seemingly living beings out of stone.

In current times, Ogier have a right of passage to the Tower grounds.

The Hall of the Tower

Inside the White Tower, the Hall of the Tower is both a big chamber and a council of Aes Sedai representing each of their Ajahs, three Sitters of each group. The Hall's seats are arranged in a circle with the Amyrlin Seat taking a visually main role of the arrangement, and each Ajah's bank has three seats for each of the Sitters.

The Warders' Quarters

The Warders' quarters are located at a similar level to the Hall of the Tower. The hallways are filled with statues representing the tens of thousands of Warders who have bonded themselves to the Aes Sedai through the years. There are several statues placed in front of the Hall of the Tower, looking as if standing guard.

The Tower Library

There is a path to the Tower Library through the Warders’ Quarters.

The Tower Gardens

There is a path to the Tower Gardens through the Warders’ Quarters.