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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Evelin al'Tarah


Wil al’Seen is a handsome young man from a farm near Deven Ride in the Two Rivers, Andor. He is very popular among girls, not only those from Deven Ride but also Emond's Field and Watch Hill. Wil was born in 977 NE. His father is Wit al'Seen (TSR, Ch. 32).

Wil has big eyes. The fine features of his face make him look boyish (TSR, Ch. 32).

He is a vain man who likes attention, especially if it comes from women (CoT, Ch. 25).


  • Along with Tell, Danil and Ban, he thinks that Gaul, Bain and Chiad are enemies and nocks some arrows before the misunderstanding is settled. Wil even tries his smile on Chiad and Bain, who only nod to each other but don’t appear delighted by his courting abilities (TSR, Ch. 33).
  • At every new farm they stop at, Wil and his friends draw more people to Perrin’s group. They don’t warn the newcomers about the Aiel because they believe it’d “spoil the fun” (TSR, Ch. 33).
  • Wil tries to get into the role of a leader over the newcomers because he was one of the first to join Perrin (TSR, Ch. 33).
  • The group hunts Trollocs. Six days after the escape of Natti and the rest from the Whitecloacks, Wil says that they haven’t seen Trollocks for days and wants to go home. He stays though, after Perrin erupts and tells them that anyone who wants to leave is more than free to do so but that he himself is sure it is not over (TSR, Ch. 40).
  • After a group of Trollocs surprises them, some of the group are wounded, others dead. They meet a group of Tuatha'an and Perrin decides to stay with them during the night. Wil is a bit concerned about staying with them. His concern soon vanishes as he meets some of the Tinker girls, who are obviously charmed by him (“Wil had each arm around a pretty, big-eyed Tinker girl…”) (TSR, Ch. 42).
  • At first when Perrin’s “new” banner appears, obviously brought by one of the Aes Sedai, Wil refuses to carry it (TSR, Ch. 44).
  • Wil is more than proud to carry Perrin’s banner now (TSR, Ch. 56).
  • He and the rest of the Companions fight the Trollocs who have come down to Emond’s Field (TSR, Ch. 56).
  • Wil goes with Perrin to Caemlyn to find Rand. He stays outside the walls of the city with the rest of the men from Two Rivers while Perrin goes inside to see Rand (LoC, Ch. 45).
  • Wil and the rest of the men from Two Rivers follow Perrin to Cairhien after he Travels there with Rand. The Salidar embassy in Caemlyn, including Alanna, joins them and they are able to track Rand (and Perrin) through Alanna’s bond after Rand has been captured and Perrin goes to rescue him (LoC, Ch. 54).
  • The group finds Perrin. Rand, however, is held captive by Elaida’s embassy and they try to save him. The battle of Dumai’s Wells follows and the men from Two Rivers fight in it (LoC, Ch. 55).
  • After Faile is abducted by Shaido Aiel, the men from Two Rivers follow Perrin in his desperate search for this wife. Wil leads twenty of the Two Rivers men into So Habor when Perrin and Berelain Travel there for supplies through a gateway made by Neald (CoT, Ch. 25).
  • In So Habor the group visits the merchant’s guild because the local Lord has fled the town. They go to the Golden Barge, the place where they find the merchants (CoT, Ch. 26). After they take all the supplies they need, the group goes back to their camp (CoT, Ch. 27).
  • Although not mentioned directly by name, Wil likely fights to help free Faile from the Shaido (KoD, Ch. 29; Ch. 30).
  • Perrin tells him to destroy the Wolfhead banners (ToM, Ch. 6).
  • Perrin gets him to raise a Wolfhead banner he didn't burn (ToM, Ch. 40).


Wil is very popular among the girls everywhere he goes: Deven Ride, Emond’s Field, amongst the Tuatha’an, etc., though he doesn’t have a fiancée. As Perrin says, Wil courts everyone but doesn’t give promises to anyone.

His family is quite big: his father is Wit al’Seen. Astelle al'Seen is most probably his greataunt, even though it is not said for sure. Jac al'Seen is his uncle, Elisa al'Seen his aunt (TSR, Ch. 32).

In the beginning Wil doesn’t accept Perrin as a long-term leader and even complains about some of his orders. Later however, he changes his attitude and proudly serves “Lord” Perrin.

Perrin is jealous when Wil meets Faile, even though later she tells him that Wil is too boyish for her taste. Also Perrin suspects that Wil comes with him to save the Luhhans and the rest from the Whitecloaks only to impress Faile (TSR, Ch. 32).


  • According to Perrin, Aram smiles like Wil and that’s why he doesn’t like him as he doesn’t approve of Wil (TSR, Ch. 41).
  • Perrin thinks that the only man he has ever seen being chased by women is Wil (LoC, Ch. 50).


"We've not smelled a Trolloc in days. Be reasonable, Perrin. Maybe we've killed them all already." (Wil Just before a Trolloc attack; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 40)

“Wil flushed a dark red. 'I will be wherever you are tonight, Aybara,' he said in a hard voice.” (Wil to Perrin; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 40)

“Wil liked too much embroidery on his coat at feastdays, and he purely loved riding ahead of those banners, probably in the hope some woman would think they were his…” (Perrin about Wil; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 25)