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Author: Aleita Taviah
Published: September 15 2020 Tar Valon Times Blog

On the 10th of September, 2020 we were gifted the first glimpse of The Winespring Inn as created for the #WotonPrime Wheel of Time Television Series. With the caption, “You want stories?” Thom Merrilin declaimed. “I have stories, and I will give them to you. I will make them come alive before your eyes.” ​#WOTonPrime. Check out the sneak peak shared by @wotonprime and @rafejudkins.

Some first reactions from our community were, “That looks so amazing!”, “Love, love, love. I can’t wait to see Rand & Tam hauling Brandy in there.” and “Now that looks pretty perfect”. There will of course always be people who want more, but the excitement it has created cannot be denied. Showrunner Rafe Judkins also treated the fans by answering three unique questions about The Winespring Inn via Twitter.




In the Wheel of Time series, the Winespring is the first inn we see as we begin our adventure. It is located in Emond’s Field, and is owned by Brandelwyn al’Vere. That surname sure looks familiar, doesn’t it. The Winespring Inn is an important place to the people of Emond’s Field serving as the home of the Village Council, and an integral part of the village’s Bel Tine festivities. The inn is located on the eastern side of the Green. Despite being described as stout, the Winespring Inn is a two storey building and the only one in Emond’s Field which sports a tiled roof.

For those who haven’t been following the progress of the upcoming Wheel of Time Series, on Amazon Prime. We have had a couple of other glimpses of Emond’s Field, but none have been quite so powerful, as the reveal of The Winespring Inn. Filming has recently resumed for the remainder of the first season (to be composed of eight episodes). It is expected to be released into the arms of anxious fans in 2021.

Posted February 20, 2020 on Rafe Judkin’s Instagram.

Posted January 16, 2020 on Rafe Judkin’s Instagram.

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