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The major events at TarValon.Net in 2004.


Main article: 2004 Annual Report

Web based chat was initiated. This is in addition to weekly radio shows and games. For the first time, the Tar Valon Times is released on a monthly basis. The site also began to feature up to the minute Wheel of Time news. In the Library, the one thousandth article was added. TarValon.Net also considers becoming a non-profit. During this year TarValon.Net forums were down for about a month. It became known as "the exile."


Main article: 2004 Admin Meeting

The second Admin meeting was held in July, where a new Departmental structure was created. This marked the first time ever that the Amyrlin Seat, the Keeper and the Master at Arms were present in person. The departments of Administration, Membership, Information Technology, Research and Communications, and Membership Services were created. The decision was made to add a fourth company called Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb. It was also decided to discontinue mandatory Gray Counseling.


General reached a membership level of 100 active Aes Sedai. email addresses began being offered to those of Accepted/Soldier and above in rank.


Main article: 2004 Raisings

Sixteen Aes Sedai are known to have been raised and fifteen Gaidin.


Main article: 2004 Bondings

Fourteen couples are known to have bonded in 2004.


Main article: Anniversary Party 2004

May 21-23, held in Chicago, Illinois. Approximately 39 people attended. A massive storm flooded much of the campgrounds.

Main article: Fall Ball 2004

October 22-24, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 57 people attended.

Main article: Euro Party 2004

August 13-16, held in Tampere, Finland. 9 people attended.

Main article: Aussie Party 2004

February 6-7, held in Perth, Australia. This is the first Australian Party, and only 3 people attended.


Amyrlin's Awards
Main article: Amyrlin's Awards
Members' Choice Awards
Main article: Members' Choice Awards 2004

The data for 2003 and 2004 was combined over time:


Main article: Administrative and Staff Positions in 2004

The first Department directors were appointed: Kariada Kunai as Director of the Department of Membership Services; Adriana al'Tere as Director of Communications in the Department of Research and Communications; Lyssandra Darai as Director of Research in the Department of Research and Communications; and Lyoness al'Thorn ti Morsin as Director of the Department of Information Technology. Neisa Alibrylla took over as Mistress of Novices on November 14. Jayrik Thaurturion took over as Captain of the Guard on October 1.