A Crown of Swords: Chapter 13

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Two Gulls Chapter Icon.png

The Bowl of the Winds

Chapter Icon: Two gulls, wings outspread, facing each other

Point of View: Aviendha

Setting: Outside Ebou Dar Harbour

Characters: Aviendha, Baroc, Birgitte, Elayne, Nesta, Nynaeve


The girls learn of a ter'angreal that may fix the weather.


Aviendha and the others go to visit the Sea Folk. Aviendha is bothered by the water and thinks of how little she understands wetlanders. Elayne mentions Areina and Nicola. Aviendha suggests Egwene should rid herself of them, to which Birgitte agrees. She thinks that she and Elayne will become first-sisters, but they still need to sort out Min. She suggests using Mat's ta'vereness to help find the ter'angreal. Nynaeve refuses, but Elayne sees it for a good idea. They decide to send Birgitte to tell, not ask Mat to help them. Elayne denies being brave, which mystifies Aviendha. Elayne then mentions talking of Rand, further confusing Aviendha, who fails to see the link.

The men on board of the ship at first refuse to see them, but Elayne tells them they know of Windfinders and they are let on board. Once on board, the Sea Folk fail to acknowledge Elayne and Nynaeve as Aes Sedai, which angers them. They are told of the ter'angreal with which they may fix the weather and the Sea Folk recognize it as the Bowl of the Winds. Elayne tells them they want help using it, which Nesta says will give her the upper hand in making the Bargain.

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