Nesta din Reas Two Moons

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Nesta din Reas Two Moons was the Mistress of the Ships to the Atha'an Miere. She was quite old, as tall as Nynaeve and stocky with white hair and black eyes. Six fat gold rings connected with a thin chain decorated each of her ears, and had another dangling with many tiny medallions from her nose ring to one in her ear. She had an air of command and intelligence (ACoS, Ch. 13).


  • Aviendha, Elayne and Nynaeve pay a visit to her to find out how the Sea Folk mean to support Rand and ask for Windfinders to aid them with activating the Bowl of the Winds. She orders Baroc to summon the Wavemistresses who hold the port of Ebou Dar, as well as the First Twelve with their Windfinders. Then she starts bargaining with Elayne and Nynaeve (ACoS, Ch. 13).
  • She and Nynaeve are to meet again, though the meeting is delayed by Moghedien (ACoS, Ch. 31). Nesta married Nynaeve and Lan, then sends twenty Windfinders with the to the Tarasin Palace as agreed to in their bargain (ACoS, Ch. 37).
  • She and Baroc were executed for rebellion when the Seanchan took over Ebou Dar. Their heads were placed outside the city wall for everyone to see (WH, Ch. 16).


The rank of Mistress of the Ships is a sort of queen to the Sea Folk, thus everyone deferred to her (LoC, Ch. 5; ACoS, Ch. 13).

Baroc, her Master of the Blades, acted more like an equal to her and dared to speak up where nobody else would, but he still carried out her orders. They might even have been married, as is quite common for Mistress of the Ships and Master of the Blades (ACoS, Ch. 13).

For Nynaeve, Nesta was a horrible woman (ACoS, Ch. 31).

Nesta made Elayne's temper go white-hot, so the Daughter-Heir wanted to avoid any further meeting with the Mistress of the Ships (ACoS, Ch. 13; Ch. 31).

Renaile din Calon Blue Star is her Windfinder (ACoS, Ch. 39).

Zaida din Parede Blackwing is her ambassador to the Dragon Reborn (WH, Prologue).


  • Zaida din Parede Blackwing is chosen to be her successor (KoD, Ch. 22).


"The Jendai Prophecy says you will bring us to glory, and all the seas of the world will be ours. As we give to you, you must give to us. If I do not make the Bargain well, Nesta will hang me naked in the rigging by my ankles and call the First Twelve of Clan Shodein to name a new Wavemistress." (Harine din Togara Two Winds to Rand; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 34)

"The Mistress of the Ships and her Master of the Blades had died on the stake without ever screaming, but it had not saved them." (Mat; Winter's Heart, Chapter 17).