A Crown of Swords: Chapter 15

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Serpent Chapter Icon.png


Chapter Icon: A serpent twisted through a square

Point of View: Carridin

Setting: The Chelsaine Palace, Ebou Dar

Characters: Jaichim Carridin, Mili Skane, Sammael


Sammael visits Carridin and tells him to leave Mat alone.


Carridin talks with Mili, wanting her to ask about objects of power in the city. She claims that will draw attention. Looking out a window, he sees Mat and recognizes him. When he turns around, Sammael, who terrifies him, is there. Sammael tells him to leave Mat alone unless he interferes with the search. He instructs them to find the cache of angreal, ter'angreal and possibly sa'angreal. Carradin tells him the presence of Aes Sedai in the city could make matters difficult and Sammael says he will send someone to deal with them.

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