A Crown of Swords: Chapter 20

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Patterns within Patterns

Chapter Icon: A serpent twisted through a square

Points of View: Sevanna, Moridin


Sammael and Graendal meet with Sevanna and the Shaido Wise Ones while Moridin watches in secret.


Sevanna's Point of View:

Characters: Graendal, Rhiale, Sammael, Sevanna, Someryn

Setting: North of Dumai's Wells

A hundred miles to the North of Dumai's Wells, Sevanna has gathered twenty thousand Shaido and some, though not all, of the Wise Ones. She gets a group of six to channel into a cube-shaped box given to her by Sammael, who she knows as Caddar. He has told her that it will summon him. The Wise Ones realize that it also draws saidin. They hear a male voice telling them to be careful and that he will arrive shortly if they continue. Sevanna is annoyed at his tone and plans to dress him in black. Sammael arrives while arguing with Graendal, calling her Maisia. Again, Sevanna does not like their attitudes. He had promised her an object that could control Rand, but will not give it to them until they have him. She asks instead for one to control Aes Sedai and he says he should be able to supply something. He has Maisia play with the call box, making her furious. He also offers to provide them with a ter'angreal to Travel.

Moridin's Point of View:

Characters: Moridin

Setting: North of Dumai's Wells

A man watches Sammael and Graendal leave while arguing and learns that Sammael is claiming to have a truce with Rand. She threatens to kill him if he calls her Maisia again, but Sammael quells her by claiming to be Nae'blis, a claim the watching man considers false. After they leave, the watcher considers killing the Shaido Wise Ones, but decides to leave them.

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