A Crown of Swords: Chapter 38

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Six Stories

Chapter Icon: A black head on a white background facing a white head on a black background

Point of View: Mat

Setting: The Rahad, Ebou Dar

Characters: Beslan, Elayne, Falion, Ispan, Lan, Mat, Nynaeve, Reanne


They find the Bowl of Winds but are attacked.


Once delivered to the river, Elayne tells Mat she knows about him bothering Tylin and is abolishing her promises to him. He explains the truth, but instead of being ashamed of herself, she is amused. He offers her the medallion to use as protection, but she tells him to keep it. In the Rahad, they are taken to the house he had previously found. He sends men to cover the back entrance, though Nynaeve feels this is not necessary. Elayne and some of the others go upstairs, but before he can follow them, Falion and Ispan arrive and shield Nynaeve. She tells everyone they are Black Ajah, but the Kinswoman are too in awe of Aes Sedai to help. Lan throws himself at the Black sisters and a struggle ensues. Upstairs, someone channels and after a plea from Nynaeve, Mat goes to investigate.

Upstairs, he sees women sprawled on the floor and a man kills one of the Wise Women, Janira. Mat attacks him, but he is too quick. Avoiding Mat, he kills Nalesean, ripping out his throat with his bare hand. Mat throws himself at the man and manages to stab him in the back several times. This does not seem to affect him and he attacks Mat, who is saved when his medallion touches and burns the man's face. To prevent the man from killing Elayne, he spins the medallion in front of him as a weapon. The man flees to an adjacent room, which is empty when Mat checks it seconds later. He attends to Elayne, who thanks him and apologizes for everything she ever said or did, sounding sincere. Nynaeve and Sumeko arrive and start healing the wounded. Mat tells everyone they are leaving as soon as they can get the Bowl.

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