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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Ispan Shefar was an Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah posing as a Blue (ACoS, Ch. 17). She was a black-haired Taraboner with the fashionable slim braids worked with blue and green beads (TFoH, Ch. 18).


  • She left Tear with the others and headed for Tanchico on their search for the male a'dam. They managed to get control over Amathera, the Panarch of Tarabon, and moved to her palace, after they found out that what they were searching for was there (TSR, Ch. 38).
  • In Ebou Dar, they questioned the Wise Woman Callie about the hidden stash, but she died in the process. Ispan and Falion were arguing over whether there really was a cache or not. After coming to the conclusion that Moghedien abandoned them to deal with Nynaeve, they both considered killing her and Elayne to please Moghedien (ACoS, Ch. 17).
  • Falion and Ispan arrived at the six story building where the angreal cache is hidden and shield Nynaeve, before she knows of their presence. After being defeated, Ispan was taken prisoner (ACoS, Ch. 38), drugged and shielded by the Kin (ACoS, Ch. 39).
  • On their way to the farm, the Kinswomen and Aes Sedai took turns shielding Ispan, all the while trying to talk Elayne into releasing the Kin of the task and questioning her while it was still possible (TPoD, Ch. 1; TPoD, Ch. 2; TPoD, Ch. 3).
  • Vandene and Adeleas began to question Ispan (TPoD, Ch. 4). After that, Ispan was notably meeker (TPoD, Ch. 6). They took Ispan to a small woodcutter's hut to stay there for the night. Still, they were frustrated that Ispan does not let any valuable piece of information slip (TPoD, Ch. 20).
  • In the small hut outside of Cullen's Crossing, Adeleas and Ispan were paralyzed with crimsonthorn and then brutally killed (TPoD, Ch. 28). Vandene suspects an Aes Sedai among them as the killer (WH, Ch. 8). We later learn that Careane committed the deed (KoD, Ch. 31).


Falion would never have chosen her as a partner. She thinks Ispan has a delicate stomach for a Black sister (ACoS, Ch. 17).

She was grateful that Moghedien assigned her the task of searching for the ter'angreal cache in Ebou Dar. She believed she would receive angreal or sa'angreal if they accomplish the task, as Moghedien had promised (TFoH, Ch. 18; ACoS, Ch. 17).

Sareitha Tomares is disgusted by the Black sister. Vandene and Adeleas hate her for the betrayal of going over to the Shadow (TPoD, Ch. 1).


  • When Elayne, Nynaeve and Egeanin slipped into the Panarch's Palace disguised as servants, they were ordered to bring "the Lady Ispan" her breakfast (TSR, Ch. 54).
  • Some Kinswomen still defer to her in a way, although she was responsible for the deaths of two of their numbers, and even of Aes Sedai of the White Tower and the Light knows how many more (TPoD, Ch. 2).
  • Elayne recovered a silver ring ter'angreal worked in braided spirals from Ispan, which allows entering Tel'aran'rhiod by channeling Spirit (KoD, Ch. 15).


"Moghedien has forgotten us, Ispan. Or have you received some private word from her? In any case, I am convinced this cache does not exist."
"Moghedien, she says that it does." Ispan began firmly, but her voice quickly grew warm. "A store of angreal, and sa'angreal, and ter'angreal. We will have some part of them. Angreal of our very own, Falion. Perhaps even sa'angreal. She has promised."
"Moghedien was wrong."
(Falion and Ispan; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 17)

"I do not have to answer the questions from you," Ispan said sullenly, hunching her shoulders. "You are rebels against the lawful Amyrlin Seat. You will be punished, perhaps stilled. Especially if you harm me. I serve the true Amyrlin Seat, and you will be punished severely if you harm me." (Ispan; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 4)

"Ispan lay on a small cot, staring at the ceiling. Lips drawn back in a rictus bared her teeth, and her bulging eyes seemed full of horror. As well they might have, since a wrist-thick wooden stake stood out from between her breasts." (Elayne; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 28)

"'These children,' Vandene went on more firmly, a deep frown creasing her forehead, 'have been thinking over events in Harlon Bridge.' That was where her sister had been murdered. And Ispan Shefar, but as far as Vandene was concerned, the death of a Black sister counted with the death of a rabid dog." (Vandene to Elayne; Winter's Heart, Chapter 8)