A Memory of Light: Chapter 11

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Just Another Sell-sword

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Points of View: Egwene, Mat, Rand


Egwene insists on the White Tower taking an active part in the battle with the Trollocs. Mat returns to Ebou Dar and learns of plots against Tuon. Rand tries to help Lan's army but is forced to retreat by a number of Dreadlords.


Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: The Field of Merrilor

Characters: Adelorna, Bryne, Egwene, Yukiri

Egwene and Adelorna talk. Adelorna tells her that those among the Green Ajah that have not been supportive of her have been told to mend their ways. Adelorna tells her that her fight during the Seanchan attack had shown her to have the spirit of a warrior and that the Greens should embrace it as an example. Egwene realises that Adelorna is letting her know that she is the Head of the Green Ajah and that she feels that Egwene should have been raised from the Green. She enters Gareth's command tent and almost falls into a Gateway on the floor, that opens above the Trollocs. Yukiri tells Egwene that she volunteered for the duty after Gareth asked if it was possible. She tells Egwene that she has been considering if it is possible to make a gateway that only allows light through, so that a person could stand on it, or to hide it from the other side. She looks at Gareth's battle plans and complains that he has not planned to use the Aes Sedai. He responds that he had intended them as a reserve force, but Egwene insists that the Tower has not trained for three thousand years to be a reserve force. He tells her that he has made plans that would make more use of them, but that he had not wanted to push the issue.

Mat's Point of View:

Setting: Ebou Dar

Characters: Mat, Kathana, Jame

Mat approaches Ebou Dar, which is almost surrounded by Tinkers; He finds it unnatural that they should be settling so much. There is a line to get into the city, but when he gets into the gate, he is waved through after confirming he has sworn the oaths, and barely gets the chance to tell any of the elaborate back story he concocted. As he walks through, he notices soldiers camped in the Rahad, though he is not convinced they will succeed and thinks to himself that Ebou Dar feels more like home than anywhere, including the Two Rivers, even if they are insane. The first inn he tries has Deathwatch Guards, but the second, the Yearly Brawl is acceptable.

Inside the inn, a man, Jame questions him, but is ushered away by Kathana, who asks Mat how he lost the eye and doesn't believe the lie he tells, though she claims he lies well. She tells him that duels are now regulated, which she feels has taken the fun out of them, but Jame, who is not Ebou Dari, feels it has saved lives. Jame mistakes Mat for an assassin, as he thinks that no real one eyed man would carry so many throwing knives and Mat shows him the hole where his eye used to be, asking him if there are assassins after Tuon. Jame tells him there are and that he has personally seen to it that one died in the dueling grounds. Mat asks who is bringing them, and eventually Jame tells him it is Lunal Galgan. They talk a little more and Kathana realises who Mat is and that every soldier in Ebou Dar has been told to look for his face.

Rand's Point of View:

Location: Tarwin's Gap

Rand is in Lan's command tent in Shienar with Moiraine while the soldiers burn the lands around. The Aes Sedai requires to know why Rand is not heading for Shayol Ghul but risking himself being there. Rand refuses to go face the Dark One before the time is right. Lan arrives and tells Rand to leave Moiraine guide him. Rand says he would not leave and gives Lan two crowns, for him and Nynaeve, opens a gateway and goes to the battlefield. A storm begins when the Dragon faces the Dark One's forces. Rand channels and starts destroying Shadowspawns. Taim tries to shield Rand followed by other Dreadlords without success. Then a circle tries shielding him, he manages to rebuffed it. The Dragon realizes it's not the time to fight Taim and leaves through another gateway back to Lan's tent.

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