A Memory of Light: Chapter 10

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The Use of Dragons

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Points of View: Perrin, Elayne, Androl, Lan


Perrin tries to make the Trollocs follow him and his forces which he eventually achieves. Elayne waits impatiently until Perrin's soldiers finally appear followed by the Shadowspawn. Everything is ready and a large number of Trollocs is destroyed by arrows, explosives and the dragons. Androl and Pevara are still tied and dosed with forkroot which saves the Aes Sedai from being Turned next. Dreadlords appear in Tarwin's Gap forcing the humans' army there to retreat.


Perrin's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Perrin, Arganda

Perrin rides with a group of soldiers whose task is to attract the attention of the Trollocs outside Caemlyn and make them follow the humans to the woods. The soldiers attack the Shadowspawn with arrows but they do not break from their position outside the city walls. Perrin declares they will continue attacking until the Trollocs follow.

Elayne's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Elayne, Abell, Birgitte, Davram, Gallenne, Trom, Uno

Elayne is reported about Perrin's progress during the day. The Queen decides she will hop through a gateway and see for herself how the fight is going. Holding the copy of the foxhead medallion Elayne made, Birgitte threatens to carry her back on her shoulder like a drunken man if she dares going to Perrin. The Queen gives up her plan. She meets Uno who is serving as Egwene's messenger. Elayne manages to catch her Warder watching the old soldier. Amused she enters her commanders' tent. They update her on the situation in the other fronts. She is unpleasantly surprised by the situation in Tarwin's Gap. She realizes they need to win swiftly in Andor so they could help the other armies. She insists on hitting the Trollocs harder and if they retreat in Caemlyn to use the dragons.

Androl's Point of View:

Location: The Black Tower

Characters: Androl, Abors, Emarin, Logain, Mishraile, Pevara, Toveine

Androl wakes, tied up and unable to channel because he's been dosed with forkroot. The Dreadlords have been working on Emarin, and though he hasn't Turned, he seems closer to breaking. Taim's thirteen Dreadlords are exhausted. Pevara has also been dosed with forkroot and is asleep. Taim was angry when he found out his men gave it to her because he wanted to Turn Pevara next, and a person who can't channel, even temporarily, can't be Turned. Toveine is brought in and gagged. Taim fondles a seal to the Dark One's prison. He tells Mishraile that it's time and to come with him. Taim tells the thirteen Asha'man that he wants Toveine Turned by the time he returns.

Lan's Point of View:

Location: Tarwin's Gap

Characters: Lan, Agelmar, Baldhere, Easar, Ethenielle, Kaisel, Kalyan Ramsin, Narishma

Lan rides toward the Gap when he hears explosions, enemy channelers. Narishma estimate their number at around two dozen. Lan admits they need to retreat and sends Narishma to Elayne in order to bring channelers who need to cover their retreat. The Gap is lost.

Elayne's Point of View:

Location: Braem Wood

Characters: Elayne, Tam, Birgitte, Alliandre, Aludra, Talmanes

Elayne is waiting inside Braem Wood. She remembers a tail about Birgitte leading a band of thieves in the same forest. Even though she confirms it her memories are still fading. A messenger from Caemlyn arrives informing the Queen that Perrin successfully engaged the Trollocs. The army in the wood starts preparing themselves.

Perrin's soldiers finally reach the wood, the Trollocs firmly behind them. The archers lose their arrows taking down a lot of the Shadowspawn's archers. Elayne's forces lure the Trollocs in the woods. They succeed and use the cover the trees provide to take down even more Trollocs using explosives, more arrows and dragons. The result is impressive and Elayne expresses her view nobody but Trollocs would go against such weapons so if they win the Last Battle there would be peace.


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