Aldrin Caldevwin

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Leora Oldessroth


Aldrin is a Captain in the Cairhienin army. He has black hair that hangs long in the back; the front of his head is shaved and looks like it is dusted with white powder. He has a slash of red and a slash of yellow on the breast of his coat, indicating his low rank among the nobles. His banner is a white star on a field of blue (TGH, Ch. 21).


  • Rand questions Aldrin about the statue of a man holding a giant crystal sphere that is being unearthed outside the village (note: we learn later that this is the male Choedan Kal); Aldrin tells him it is from the Age of Legends and will be moved and set up outside of Cairhien as monument to the greatness of the nation and of House Riatin (TGH, Ch. 21).
  • When Aldrin finds out that Rand will be leaving Tremonsien the following morning, Aldrin insists that some of his men accompany Rand to Cairhien (TGH, Ch. 21).
  • Rand sees Aldrin at a gatehouse in Cairhien but the Cairhienin officials pretend he is not there (TGH, Ch. 30).