The Nine Rings

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The Nine Rings is an inn in Tremonsien, in Cairhien. It is at the very top of the hill on which the village sits. It is named after an adventure story (TGH, Ch. 20). Maglin Madwen is the innkeeper, having inherited it when her husband, Barin Madwen, died. Catrine and Lidan are two of the serving girls in the inn (TGH, Ch. 21).

Rand, Loial, Hurin and Selene spend a night there on their journey to Cairhien. They eat a meal and Rand plays some tunes on his flute. There they meet Aldrin Caldevwin, a Cairhienin officer, who offers to let his men escort them to the city the following morning as he needs to rotate them. Selene retires to her own room early and Rand shares with Loial and Hurin, to the surprise of the innkeeper. The following morning it is noticed that Selene has left during the night and Caldevwin's men did not see her go, despite him having kept the inn watched. (TGH, Ch. 21)