Brown Bulletin December 2008

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – December edition

(Editor: Taika Vinh)

Talking Head – Words from Cassie

Time for congratulations!

First of all, we’d like to congratulate our late Head, Serenla for becoming the Director of Membership! All hail the Ser’yrlin!!!

And we also have a new and awesome Head: Cassie!!!! WOOHOO!

Also for the first half of the year 2009, we have these Brown Positions:

Heart: Adolla

Sitters of the Hall: Sela and Rinwyn

Pulse: Taika

And the Committee Chairs:

Chat: Cassie

Birthday: Cassie

Bulletin: Taika (members: Ayendra, Cariyad)

Welcoming: Ayendra (members: Cassie, Keara, Taika)

Holiday: Lillian

Congratulations for all! :D

Also, during November we got a new lovely and awesome Aspirant: Ayendra Kisharad! Welcome to Brown Ayendra! :D (Editor’s note: I almost forgot to add this, because it feels like she’s been ours always! :lol )

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our November and December babies!

November 6th - Shara Nevan

November 17th - Sindra Bell

November 17th - Allin Sha'maer

November 22nd - Rinwyn Sihrera

November 29th - Cassie Dainar

December 24th - Jorryn Gaille Varna

December 25th - Naomi Sommers

December 26th - Madelaine Vitalia

December 28th - Marlinya Nedruine

Warder Recognitions.

Part I Riley Maconnar (by Ismene Gillandred)

There once was a Warder named Riley,

He was large and jolly and smiley.

Without walker and cane he'd fall

He likes to say, "That is all."

The truth is I esteem him, highly.

Tiki Drink of the Month

Blue Whale

1/2 oz. Blue Curacao, 1 oz. Rum, Splash of Pineapple Juice

Shake with ice & serve up in a chilled cocktail glass or on the rocks.


Brown Poll - Are you a cat or a dog person?
  • Cats! 52% [ 13 ]
  • Dogs! 12% [ 3 ]
  • Both 28% [ 7 ]
  • Don’t like animals. 0% [ 0 ]
  • Owls…. :blink 8% [ 2 ]

(The editor thought owls should be added.)

Brown-outs of the month


“Does somebody else's brownout count?

My company forgot to send out the shift schedule on time.. I found out today that I've got to work half shifts on Thurs & Fri.. then work my normal 12 hr shifts on Sat & Sun.”


“I had a bit of a literary Brown-out.

After starting a reread of Pride and Prejudice, a very Jane Austen-like plot got stuck in my head. I couldn't for the life of me figure out which of her books it was, so decided it must have been a book from a similar time.

I remembered the plot in surprising detail so went a-googling to try and find out what it was. Nothing on any lists of classic books matched it! It was only when I started to ask a friend if she knew it that I realised that it wasn't the plot of a book -- but that of Becoming Jane, the movie based on Jane Austen's life”


“Okay... here's my most recent Brown Out...

I sing with a community choir. We do four concerts per year - two nights during December and two in the Spring. We've been rehearsing weekly for over two months now.

Monday night we are rehearsing at one of the concert locations. I'm looking through the list of songs, putting them in performance order in my folder. The last piece on the list - our encore piece - doesn't look familiar at all... my mind can't even recall singing it before.

I go through my folder three times trying to find it. During break, I even ask the director which piece this is and if we've rehearsed it. He says its one we've done several times before but he'll go over it again if needed.

I go through my folder one last time... and there it is, right where it should be! I look at it and immediately recall not only what song it is but that its one of my favorites among the dozen or so pieces we're singing!!

I tell the director I found it and we don't need to rehearse it. He chuckles and we start rehearsing again.”


“Almost forgot to report my Thanksgiving BrownOut!

I'm making a double batch of pumpkin pie filling. My mind is telling me: Gotta double the recipe, gotta double the recipe. So I measure out the sugar and spices. Then I look at the can of pumpkin I'm getting the recipe off of and realize its recipe is already sized for a double batch since the can of pumpkin itself is double the size of the normal cans.

Fortunately, I had only gotten to the point of combining the sugar and spices. I measured out half of the mixture, put it in a ziploc for future use and went on with the correct recipe. Pie came out super tasty and the extra spiced sugar came in handy later. I used it to season some mashed sweet potatoes and my husband said it was fantastic added to regular hot tea.”


“I did another 'classic' Saturday while getting ready for work. I'm cleaned up, dressed and getting everything together.. lunch, cigarettes, book, wallet, jacket.. but I can't find my glasses. Commence the room-to-room search.. ask Dave if he's seen them.. look some more.

Dave finally turns from his computer, looks at me and laughs. "They're on top of your silly head."

Yep I pushed them up out of the way to make lunch, and forgot that I'd done it.. and my hair is so thick, I couldn't feel them up there.”


“I had a fabulous one on Christmas Eve. I was heading to my grandmother's house, talking on the phone to Serenla about how I hoped I didn't forget how to get there. I got on the interstate heading North instead of South anyway. It took me 8 miles to figure it out...which is about how long our phone call lasted”


“My sister had one on Saturday. She drove from the Raleigh area to my uncles house in Asheboro about 60ish miles away, and only realized just outside of town that all the presents were sitting on the couch. So they stopped at Walmart and bought duplicates. We didn't do a formal exchange but rather a white elephant so it wasn't a big deal to buy new ones.”


“Christmas Eve I settled in for a few hours of World of Warcraft before everyone went their separate ways for Christmas. At the end of one run, I hadn't won the Bronze Drake mount, so my guildies were saying, "we'll run it again!" (these types of runs are only possible once a day) So, I say "Tomorrow?" and they are quiet for a moment and then someone says, "Lilli..........tomorrow is Christmas. We won't be here."”


“had to write a paper in November for my Comparative Religions class. So.....I spend the entire semester researching ancient uses for corn and its place in various rituals. Found some great quotes.

Spent the weekend before it's due writing it. Managed to get the entire 5-page paper done in 2 1/2 hours. A new record!!!!

Then, the day I *think* it's due, I'm sitting in class before it starts going through the paper, making sure it's not complete crap.

I managed to forget to cite an entire page!!!!!!!!!! 5 citations got left out!!!!!!!!

Then, I find out it's not even due till that Friday--it's Monday.

And after all that, I still got full marks on it.”


“And during finals week, I kept making tea. Keeps me awake enough to study.

Anyway, one day I got everything ready for it....water's boiling, teapot is out.

I was halfway done with pouring my first cup before I realised I forgot to add the tea leaves!!”

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