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Author: Leora Oldessroth


Buiryn was a King of Manetheren before the Trolloc Wars. Jasin Natael/Asmodean sings the song "Midean's Ford" at Imre Stand, telling the story of Buiryn leading the men of Manetheren against the invading Saferi and their king Aedomon. The song says that Buiryn and his men fought bravely, even though they were outnumbered, and refused to surrender; Aedomon was touched by Buiryn's courage and allowed a remnant of the army to go free. As the story goes, Aedomon then turned his army back to his own country, Safer, in honor of Buiryn and his men's courage.

Mat doesn't think this song is accurate as he has memories of that battle; he remembers advising Buiryn not to accept Aedomon's offer to let the remnant go free. Buiryn had said a small chance was better than none at all and took Aedomon's offer to let him and his men go. Mat's memories say that Aedomon waited until the Manetheren forces were almost to safety before he slaughtered the remnants.

(Reference: The Shadow Rising, Chapter 37)