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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Bulen is Lan's errand boy in the Aesdaishar Palace in Chachin, Kandor. He is described as a lanky young fellow (NS, Ch. 22). His father was Malkieri and his mother was Kandori. His parents fell to bandits when he was 5 years old (ToM, Prologue).


  • He gapes at Lan's helmet, breast-, and backplates as he sees them on the black-lacquered rack beside the door of Lan's apartment (NS, Ch. 22).
  • He gives Lan's boots their 'much-needed' blacking (NS, Ch. 22).
  • He brings supplies to Lan. Since his father has died, he asks Lan for permission, according to tradition, to don his father's hadori (ToM, Prologue).
  • He suggests an alternate route with better roads, which Lan denies in order to avoid attracting more followers. As three men appear, he notes that two of the three men (Andere and Nazar) wear hadori (ToM, Ch. 7).
  • Bulen is getting breakfast ready, as the group of five men has grown to dozens (ToM, Ch. 23).
  • He is killed in the fighting at Tarwin's Gap by an arrow wound that he doesn't acknowledge at the time (AMoL, Ch. 9)


His boots had taken on a gleam he had never expected Bulen to achieve. (Lan; New Spring, Chapter 22)

"I don't remember much of them. Only something my father told me: that someday, we would fight for the Golden Crane." (ToM, Prologue)