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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Catrine is a maid at The Nine Rings in Tremonsien, Cairhien.

She often breaks dishes when she is supposed to be washing them.

She serves Loial, Hurin, Rand, and Selene a meal.

Just as Aldrin Caldevwin asks Selene for her name, Catrine drops an oil lanterns, causing a small fire. Selene surely twitched her for distraction.

(Reference: The Great Hunt, Chapter 12)


"I have told you to be careful, Catrine," the innkeeper said, shaking her now-smutty apron under the girl's nose. "You'll be burning the inn down, and yourself in it."

The girl seemed on the point of tears. "I was being careful, Mistress, but I had such a twinge in my arm."

Mistress Madwen threw up her hands. "You always have some excuse, and you still break more dishes than all the rest. Ah, it's all right. Clean it up, and don't burn yourself." The innkeeper turned to Rand and the others, all still standing around the table. "I hope none of you take this amiss. The girl really won't burn down the inn. She's hard on the dishes when she starts mooning over some young fellow, but she's never mishandled a lamp before."

(Mistress Madwen and Catrine; The Great Hunt, Chapter 12)