Chair of Remorse

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Author: Toral Delvar


The Chair of Remorse is a ter'angreal in the White Tower, used for punishing thieves, strongarms and other criminals. It is a large rectangular block of gray, hard as steel everywhere except the top. Anyone who sits on it sinks into it a little and the top molds itself around them. The “chair” has only one break, a palm sized rectangular hole on one side with tiny notches carved around it. When someone channels the correct weave into this, the person sitting on the chair experiences selected consequences of their crimes.

The Chair is the main reason that there is so little crime in Tar Valon and even the toughest criminals break after experiencing it just once or twice, after which they typically flee the island. It is forbidden to use it on Tower initiates, but the Black Ajah hunters used this on Talene, who went under three times before succumbing. The final time she could see Trollocs boiling a kettle over a fire and a Myrddraal watching, knowing she would go to one of them.

(Reference: Winter's Heart, Prologue).